Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting



Wine TastingRecently went wine tasting in our local vigneron Château Cabezac after it was renovated and re-decorated this year.  It is situated just on the main road from our village Bize-Minervois in the Languedoc.  I must say it looks fabulous and now has a very swanky bar and lovely outdoor space with a terrace to sit and have a drink.  The staff are very friendly and welcome chatting with you, telling you all about their brand.  Another great vigneron we recommend is Moulin Gimié at Capestang just 20 minutes away by car producing a particularly good red.

The Minervois produces reds, rosés and white wines but they are famous for their distinctive reds, which tend to be more subtle than those of the Corbieres region. Although the rosés seem evermore increasingly popular with the locals and tourists as you see most tables bearing a rosé in restaurants nowadays. White Minervois is also changing with time, and becoming more aromatic and refined.

This area also has a tradition for making sweet white wine. Sweet white Minervois Noble is golden and made from the same white grapes but they are picked when they have become very sweet, slightly fermenting or being dried after picking. Another sweet white is the Muscat de St-Jean-de-Minervois produced to the north of Minervois, a great wine to have as a pre-dinner aperitif.


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